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The Shmart! Wallet is the fastest and easiest way to make online payments, send money to friends or even collect money from others. And its absolutely free. Go digital. Go Shmart!


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Shmart! Wallet gives you the convenience of sending or receiving money directly from your smartphone.

Simply select a name from your contacts list, and you can start transferring funds.

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The convenience of smooth online transactions is now at your fingertips.

Top-up your Shmart! Wallet with funds from your credit card or net-banking account, which you can then use to make online payments!

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Why ruin a perfectly good dinner with friends or colleagues by arguing over who pays first, and who gets to collects everyone's shares later?

Simply select a name from your contacts list, and you can start transferring funds.

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Afraid of losing your credit card, or someone swiping your pin? Get rid of the stress with Shmart! Wallet's "saved cards" feature.

Feed in all your card details, and carry your card everywhere you go, without actually carrying it!

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Shmart! Wallet lets you choose from multiple payment modes during checkout.

You can even spread out your payment among two or more of the available options, to avoid maxing out your credit card, or draining your account at one go.

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What is Shmart! App?

Welcome to a world where sending /receiving money is as easy as a swipe on your phone! The Shmart! Wallet App not only helps you to pay/get payments from your social group easily, it also helps you to get a Visa Card that will let you shop across over 1 million merchants, makes your checkout at partner merchants fuss free by letting you save your cards securely, and also lets you transfer your wallet balance to a bank account!

The Shmart! Wallet is powered by the Ratnakar Bank, and hence you can be rest assured that all your information is as secure as your bank account!

Why should I use Shmart! Wallet App?

Shmart! Wallet makes your payments as mobile as you are. This friendly wallet App lets you be generous and awesome. You can send money to your dear ones instantly. Save more cash by availing interesting offers and discounts as you shop cash free. And for those who owe you money, send them a request to pay through the App.

How do I load/get money in my Shmart! Wallet?

There are 2 ways you can load your wallet

- "Add Money" or "My Cash" button lets you load your Shmart! Wallet from your debit/credit card, or net banking.
- "Request Money" button lets you request money from your friends/family on Shmart! Wallet.

How much money can be loaded into the Shmart! Wallet?

You can load upto Rs. 10,000 in your Shmart! Wallet in a particular month. As per the RBI regulations, the total balance in your wallet cannot exceed Rs. 10,000 at any point of time.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can load my wallet?

No limit to the number of top ups, as long as you do not breach your limits. However, once you have loaded Rs. 10,000 in a particular month, you will not be allowed to load the wallet in that month anymore. This is in keeping with the RBI regulations.

Can I use any Credit Card/ Debit Card to load my wallet?

We currently support all Visa and Mastercards.

I am unable to top up my Shmart! Wallet. Why?

Please check your internet connection. Also verify the card or bank details for authorising the funds. In case the problem still persists then call customer care 022-67304948 or write to we

What is "Send Money"?

You can use this facility to send money to your friends & family. Doesn't matter whether the person has a Shmart! Wallet or not. If the person you have sent money to is a Shmart! Wallet user then the money will be credited to his/her Shmart! Wallet.

How do I send money?

- Click on the send money option
- Select your contact, enter the amount. Put in a text message describing the payment
- Now, swipe right to send money to make somebody's day!
The recipient will be alerted that you have sent him/her money.

What if the person I am sending money to doesn't have a Shmart! Wallet?

If he/she is not a Shmart! Wallet user, he/she will need to download the app and then register. The sent money will get automatically credited to his/her new Shmart! Wallet.

When will the person get the money?

If the recipient is a Shmart! Wallet user, the money will be transferred immediately. If the person is not the user he/she needs to complete a one-time sign up process and then gets access to the money.

What happens if my contact does not download and register for Shmart! even after receiving the money?

In that case money will be credited to your account in 3 days.

What is the limit to the transactions that I can do?

You can send a maximum of Rs. 5000 per transaction. However, there is no limit to the number of transactions you can do.

What if I sent money to the wrong person?

Once the money is sent to the wrong number, there is no way to get the money back. Hence it is recommended to always verify the number before sending the money.

What if the money sent has not reached its desired destination?

In this case please check the details you have entered are correct or not. Also check with the recipient if he/she has completed the process of registering for Shmart! Wallet. If the details are correct and the recipient is a Shmart! Wallet customer, please contact us at our customer care number 022 67304948.

Can I send money to any international number?

Right now we are providing this service to domestic numbers only. Soon you will be able to send to international numbers as well. However, Shmart! Wallet service is available to Indian residents only.

What if the person I send money to doesn't claim the money?

If the recipient does not claim money sent within 3 days, the money will be returned to the sender's Shmart! Wallet Balance.

Will I be charged to send money?

No, it's absolutely free.

Can I send money using credit card?

No, one can't use credit card to send money via Shmart! Card. However the card can be used at the time of payment to a shop via Shmart! Wallet.

How long does it take for the recipient to receive the money?

The recipient will receive a SMS/email about the money sent immediately once you hit the "send" button. Money will get credited almost instantly to your Shmart! Wallet .

What is "Request Money"?

You can use this facility to request money from your friends or family members or any individual. If the person you have requested money from is a Shmart! Wallet user then he/she just needs to login to the Shmart! Wallet and give an instruction to send money to you.

How do I Request Money?

- Click on the "request money" option
- Select your contact, enter the amount. Put in a text message describing the payment
- Now, swipe right and send a Cash SOS request to your friend/family .

What if the person I am requesting from doesn't have a Shmart! Wallet?

If he/she is not a Shmart! Wallet user, he/she will need to download the app post receiving a SMS/ Email about your request. He /She will need to register and then send money to you. Funds will be instantly credited to your Shmart! Wallet.

How much money can you request at a time?

You can request max 5000 at a time.

Will I be charged for requesting money or at the time the sent money gets credited to my wallet?

No, this service is absolutely free.

What is "Order my Shmart! Visa Card"?

This feature lets you order your Shmart! Visa Card with which you can shop at over 1 million merchants PAN India accepting Visa. All you have to do is fill in a few basic details, including your address so we can send it your way.
Once you receive your card, you need to activate it before you can use it anywhere.

What is the Activate Card feature?

You can either order the card on the app, or get it from a Shmart kiosk. Either ways, to start using the card, you will need to activate the card. All you have to do is, go on to "Activate My Card" on the side menu, punch in the 14 digit Card Pack ID which is printed on your Card envelope, and you are ready to use the card.

How do I load the Visa Card?

The Visa card balance is linked to your wallet balance. Anytime you think the funds are running low, you can always add money to the wallet.

Where will the transactions from my card appear?

It will appear in your transaction summary.

Any limit to the transactions on the card?

You can use the card to the extent of the balance in the wallet.

What is "Transfer to Bank" facility?

We are providing the facility of transferring money from Shmart! Wallet to your or any other bank account.

How can I transfer money I receive to my bank a/c?

You can transfer money from your Shmart! Wallet Balance to your bank account by adding your bank account to Shmart! Wallet. Post that the money can be transferred to your bank a/c as per NEFT timelines.

How much money can I transfer to bank at a time?

You can transfer a maximum of Rs 2500 per day. Currently, only 1 transaction is allowed per day.

Are there any charges for sending money to the bank?

Currently this is free.

What happens if there is an error in the bank account number?

In case you typed in an incorrect bank account number, the transfer function will fail and we will refund the money to your wallet within 4-7 working days. However, in case you typed in an account number that is correct, but is an unknown person's bank account, the funds will be credited to that account. We request you to confirm the details before you register the account.

What is "Stored Cards"?

You can save debit/ credit card details - 16 digit card number and expiry date - in a secure manner. Once saved, you can use it for payment to any merchant in Shmart! network. You have to just enter the CVV code and additional password as required by the Bank who has issued that card. No need to remember the card number and expiry date anymore. .

How safe is it to store one's card details?

Shmart! offers you 100% secure and bank certified payment service. Your card details are stored using a technology called tokenization where the details are stored in the form of tokens in our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payment vault..

What is Total Balance, Cash, Vouchers?

Cash is the total liquid money you have in your Shmart! Wallet. Vouchers are the discount coupons pushed by vendors which you can redeem while doing a purchase with that particular merchant through your Shmart! Wallet. Total Balance is the cumulative of cash plus vouchers of your Shmart! Wallet

How can I use vouchers?

Merchants will send vouchers to your Shmart! Wallet with discounts / offers. Voucher balances can be used at the time of purchasing goods / services from the respective merchant. Select "Vouchers" at the time of making the payment.

Can I transfer wallet balance to voucher balance and vice versa?

Voucher Balance can neither be transferred to Cash Balance nor to any your bank a/cs. Cash Balance can be transferred to a bank a/c

How much cash balance can a wallet hold at a time?

The wallet can hold max Rs 10,000 at a time, excluding the voucher balance.

What happens if there is change in my mobile number which is registered as my Shmart! Wallet User id?

Not to worry. You can go to "settings" and put in a request for new mobile number. You will receive an email in your registered email id for a confirmation. And once confirmed the old mobile number will be replaced by your new mobile number as User id for your Shmart! Wallet

How do I change/load my Profile picture?

Go to "Settings". Click on "Update Profile Picture"

What is "My Transactions"?

"My Transactions" gives you a summary of all the past transactions for your Shmart! Wallet.

In case I want to see only "Send Money" based transactions that were done over a period of say 2 months from my Shmart! Wallet, how can I get the records?

You can go to "My Transactions", and extract past transaction details for the required period, categorised under "Personal", "Corporate", "Send", and "Receive".

Can I get a statement?

You can filter for a particular date range and type of transactions and place a request on the app to be sent to your email
Apart from that, we will also send you the monthly statements.

In case of any query whom should I get in touch with?

Got any questions about your Shmart! Wallet- tweet us at,
write to us on or call us on 022-6730 4948

On what phones Shmart! Wallet App is available?

Shmart! Wallet App is available in Android supported phones.

How much does it cost to use Shmart! Wallet services?

Shmart! Wallet App and the services provided by it like send money, request money, are currently absolutely free.

In what countries Shmart! Wallet App is available?

Currently it's only available in India.

Where can I spend the money loaded into my wallet?

- Send Money to friends
- With a Visa Card- you can shop at any retail stores that accept Visa card
- Shmart Partner merchants.

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