Shmart! checkout makes it faster and easier to
collect payments online

Collect card and netbanking payments on mobile, without the hassle of managing complex payment gateway integrations.


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Collect Payments
really fast

Skip the hassles of setting up a complicated payment gateway.

With Shmart! checkout, your customers can now breeze through paying online. Customers can pay you from saved cards, money held in their Shmart! Wallet and gift vouchers. With a few clicks from their mobile, tablet, laptop, or a desktop, shopping becomes convenient, and paying online even faster.

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Complete online sales
with the Shmart! button

Now, no more worrying about losing a customer from your webpage.

Just post the Shmart! button next to the product on your website or on your social media pages, and customers can instantly make a purchase.

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Sell Products remotely
through simple links

Start selling your products without setting up a complicated ecommerce store.

With Shmart! Business, you can login to your web account, upload product information, and generate a payment link, which you can then send via SMS, email and social media posts to drive sales.

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Delight Customers
With Instant Refunds

A happy customer is a lifelong customer!

Every customer who transacts with you gets a Shmart! wallet account, which is a virtual semi-closed loop prepaid account issued by the RBL Bank. You can now process refunds directly through your Shmart! dashboard, and watch it get credited to their accounts.

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increase sales with
Shmart! Vouchers

Nothing generates interest more than a sale or a discount!

With an option to create gift vouchers and discount codes, you can create events and drive sales around occasions.

Our dashboard generates comprehensive data on all sales. Find out what sells and what doesn't, and refine your marketing strategy.

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get a Trusted, Secure &
Bank Certified platform

You and your customers are assured of complete peace of mind.

Shmart! uses multiple layers of security, including fraud monitoring systems and encrypted tokenisation protocols to keep payment information safe. The Shmart! platform is PCI DSS compliant and certified by leading banks like Axis Bank, Bank of India, Kotak Bank and RBL Bank.

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Shmart offers pricing that works
for you with no hidden fees

No setup fee!
  • 2.99% TDR for Credit,
    Debit & Netbanking

  • Express Checkout

  • Transaction Analytics

  • Payment Apps

  • Loyalty & Coupons

Rs. 999/-
  • 2.75% TDR for Credit,
    Debit & Netbanking

  • Express Checkout

  • Transaction Analytics

  • Payment Apps

  • Loyalty & Coupons

Rs. 5,000/-
  • 1.25% TDR for Debit Cards,
    2.25% TDR for Credit Cards & Netbanking

  • Express Checkout

  • Transaction Analytics

  • Loyalty & Coupons

  • Native Web & Mobile API

  • Express Checkout

  • Transaction Analytics

  • Payment Apps

  • Loyalty & Coupons

  • Native Web & Mobile API

  • Whitelabel Digital Wallet


Can I save card information so that my customers do not have to enter it later?

Yes! That too without having to worry about compliance or security. Using our APIs, you can store card details using a technology called tokenization where the card details are stored in the form of tokens in our PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payment vault. We do not allow the storage of CVV number or 3D Secure PIN in order to comply with regulations.

Can I accept International payments?

At present, we support only domestic payments.

Will my customers be taken to a Shmart! web page to make payment?

With Shmart! Business, your customers will transact on your page and will be redirected only for 3D Secure PIN. Otherwise, they'll never need to leave your website, app, or service. Shmart! works entirely behind the scenes. You'll send payment information to us via our API, and the user experience is entirely up to you: your customer, your brand, and your payments.

Do I need an SSL certificate for accepting payments?

If you would like to use the Shmart.JS for a seamless checkout experience which allows the customer to make a payment on your page an SSL certificate is mandatory. However if you plan to use our hosted payment page or button an SSL is not mandatory.

What about the security of transactions on the Shmart! platform?

Shmart! gives utmost important to security. All transactions are processed at a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified processing environment and we use an advanced technology called tokenisation that ensures that none of the sensitive information actually touches your server leaving you the worry of compliance.

What type of payments does Shmart! support?

At present, you can accept payments via all VISA & MasterCard debit and credit cards and internet banking of 27 major banks, IMPS payment option of 55+ banks, and multi-bank EMI options of 4 banks. Any new payment modes will be automatically added to the list of payment options as and when they get added.

Who can register for Shmart! Business?

Shmart! Business is for everyone. However, in keeping with our risk management norms, we would not be able to offer our service businesses and individuals who fall into the following categories: Adult goods and services, pornography, alcohol, drugs, cigarette, copyrighted content, pharma, gambling, Illegal goods and many more. (Ref Negative List at the end of this document).
Kindly write to to check whether your business is eligible to get a Shmart! Business Account.

What is a chargeback?

Customers who transact online and do not receive the product/service they paid for or receive defective/incorrect product or service may raise complaints directly with their banks. Such disputed transactions are called chargebacks. Chargebacks can be raised for up to 180 days from the date of transaction.

How is chargeback different from a refund?

In cases where merchants offer refund on their products or services, merchants will initiate refunds in accordance to their refund policy. If you want to refund a transaction, please enter the details of the transaction in the Refund tab of your dashboard. The refund will be processed in 7-10 working days and the status updated. You can also process refunds instantly to customer’s wallets using the refund API.

When will I get my money?

First settlement is done only after receiving the complete merchant agreement. Thereafter, all funds are cleared on a T+3 working day basis based on funds cleared from the bank.

What name will my customers be charged on their card statements?

Every successful transaction made via Shmart! platform will be labelled as TranServ on your customer’s bank account/card statement.

When will I get my money if I have activated Release-on-Delivery?

In case of release-on delivery, money is settled to your account on a T+3 working days after customer confirmation or 72 hours of confirmation request being initiated by merchant, whichever is earlier. In case of release-on-delivery, T is defined as the date of customer confirmation.

Which bank account will I receive money in?

Settlement will be made to the same account which is mentioned in the account activation form and merchant agreement.

Can I change my bank account details?

Yes you can. Please write to with the updated details.

What happens if I gave the wrong account details?

We shall not be responsible for wrong account details being provided by you. Please verify the details before submission. We shall not be responsible for any funds settled to a wrong account number.

Will I be able to track which transactions are settled?

Yes. Settlement reports can be downloaded from your dashboard. The Settlement Report will show the details of the transaction fees and tax collected.

Are there any limits on transactions?

As it is there are no transaction limit set. Depending on reports from our risk management team, we may impose certain limits on the maximum transaction value in case your business belongs to the high risk category or there have been repeated chargebacks on your merchant account.

What about tax?

We will be charging 14% service tax on the TDR charges. Monthly invoices for the transaction charges and service tax will be sent to you via email/post.

terms & conditions

Click here to read and understand the Terms & Conditions for Shmart! Business