Terms & Conditions of Corporate Meal Program for Merchant Businesses

These Terms and Conditions (‘T&C’) apply to and regulate the provisions of electronic meal vouchers, electronic medical vouchers, cash disbursement and reimbursement of funds facility (“Services”) provided to the employees of the Corporate by TranServ Private Limited (‘TranServ’), a company validly registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered offices at Office no. 2, Ground Floor, High Tech Plaza, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai-400093.


  • Corporate- A Company (Pvt. Ltd or Ltd), Partnership, Firm, Organisation or any other such Institution which has an agreement with TranServ to provide services of Udio application or website, EMV and MV to its Employees.
  • Disbursements- Any amount loaded into the Employee’s wallet by the Corporate by way of credit which can be used online at Udio Merchants or offline via Udio visa cards. Disbursements will be like general cash and will not be restricted for use at any specific Merchant categories.
  • Employee- The recipient of the EMV, MV, Disbursements and Reimbursements from the Corporate by virtue of being employed by the Corporate.
  • EMV- The Electronic Meal Vouchers which shall be provided by TranServ to the Employees of the Corporate. The scope of EMV covers restaurants, cafes, dinners, fast food outlets which shall provide food and non- alcoholic beverages
  • Merchant- Online or offline stores which accepts Udio Card or Wallet whether online or offline and includes retailers, distributors, or manufacturers.
  • MV- The Electronic Medical Vouchers given to the Employees of the Corporate which can be availed by them with restriction to usage at pharmacies, clinics and hospitals only.
  • Reimbursements- Any cash load done into the user’s Udio wallet for expenses incurred related to official purposes. Reimbursements will be like general cash and will not be restricted for use at any specific Merchant categories./li>
  • Udio Wallet- means a Semi closed Prepaid Instrument issued by TranServ in accordance with the RBI guidelines for Issuance and Operations of Prepaid Payment Instruments. Such a wallet is issued and operated in an electronic form whereas Customers access such account through a mobile handset or website or any such electronic instruments.
  • Udio Card- The pre-paid RBL Bank Visa card issued by TranServ to the Employees of a Corporate that is linked to the Udio Wallet and can be used to make payments at online & offline stores. The Wallet balance, including EMVs or MVs along with cash disbursements/reimbursements can be redeemed using the card at Visa enabled merchants.
  • Udio- The Udio Wallet and Udio Card shall jointly be referred to as Udio.
  • Customer/ User- Employees of the corporate for whom Udio wallets are created and are eligible to receive the amount disbursed by the corporate
  • Escrow Bank Account-The bank account to which the Corporates transfers the amount for disbursement to its employees’ Udio Wallet.

General Conditions

The Services shall be provided by TranServ to the Corporate for its Employees. The Corporate shall identify all its Employees eligible to receive the EMVs, MVs and/or reimbursements/disbursements. All eligible Employees of the Corporate shall be identified by their respective mobile numbers and the same shall be informed to TranServ by the Corporate.

The Corporate shall load EMV, MV, Disbursements and Reimbursements to its eligible Employees, via the TranServ platform. The Employees will have to register for a Udio wallet to be able to utilize the EMV, MV, Disbursements and/or Reimbursements. Any Employee who does not register on the Udio platform will not be able to claim any Voucher or Cash Disbursement/Reimbursement loaded to their wallet. Udio wallets are accessible via the Android, iOS platforms and the website (www.udioforyou.com).

The Corporate understands that upon registration on Udio platform the employees become Udio Customers and they shall abide to the Terms and Conditions placed on the website/app which shall be amended from time to time.

The Corporate agrees to transfer the amount to be disbursed to its employees in advance into the Escrow Bank Account maintained with RBL Bank Ltd.

Upon initiation of a load of EMVs, MVs or cash Disbursement/Reimbursement by the Corporate, the Employee will receive a notification from TranServ via SMS/Email/Push messages. TranServ shall ensure that the communication is sent on the mobile number and also on the email id, if made available to TranServ. It shall be the Corporate’s responsibility to provide the correct and current mobile numbers of its Employees to TranServ.

The Corporate acknowledges and agrees that the Services including issuance of Udio Card is subject to rules and regulations introduced or amended from time to time by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) or any other regulatory body.

Udio Card shall be issued to the Employees of the Corporate by TranServ upon receiving written instructions from the Corporate. Udio Card issued to any Employee may be cancelled by TranServ upon receiving written instructions from the Corporate. Also the Udio Card issued to any Employee may be cancelled at the sole discretion of TranServ, if the Corporate is unable or unwilling to meet its obligations under the terms of the agreement executed with TranServ or if TranServ identifies the employee to be using the card for any fraudulent activities. It shall be the responsibility of the Corporate to ensure that the Udio Card is returned by the Employee upon termination of his/her employment with the Corporate.

Corporate shall promptly notify TranServ about any loss or theft of Udio Card or any misuse of Udio Wallet of the Employee and no later than 48 hours of such incidence.

How To Avail The Services

The Corporate shall ensure that the Employee shall use the EMVs and MVs as per income tax requirements. The voucher amounts to be shared with Employees shall be limited as per the below restrictions:

Electronic Meal Vouchers: Maximum of Rs. 2,200/- per month per Employee as per income tax regulations.

Electronic Medical Vouchers: Maximum of Rs. 1,250/- per month per Employee as per income tax regulations.

Both vouchers are subject to the total amount of general float maintained with TranServ.

The Corporate shall ensure that the Employee is aware that the usage of Udio vouchers is only allowed for food, non-alcoholic beverage, ready-to eat items (for EMVs) and medical services (for MVs) as authorized by TranServ. Udio services shall be valid only in India.

TranServ and the Merchant concerned, reserve the right, at any time, to refuse the use of Udio at that Merchant for any reason whatsoever, which may or may not be disclosed to the Employee. TranServ shall not be associated with any decisions of the Corporate with regards to the use of the Udio at any specific Merchant until they comply with the limitations as provided in the T&C. Any charge levied by the Merchant on the purchase made by the Employee using Udio, shall be settled by the Employee with the Merchant directly and TranServ shall not be responsible for the same at any point in time.

The Corporate shall act in good faith at all times in relation to all dealings. It shall accept full responsibility for wrongful use of the EMV and MV by its Employees and which is in contravention of these T&Cs. It shall ensure that Udio wallet is not used by its Employees for the payment of any illegal/unlawful purchase/purpose. The Corporate shall indemnify TranServ to make good any loss, damage, interest, or any other financial charge that TranServ may incur and/or suffer, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of its Employees committing violations of these T&Cs or any law.

TranServ reserves the absolute discretion and liberty to decline or honour the authorisation requests on Udio, without assigning any reason thereof. TranServ may, at its sole discretion, utilize the services of external service provider/s or agent/s and on such terms as required or necessary, in relation to its Services.

Voucher limitations

The EMVs and MVs shall expire after 365 days from the date of issue. After the said period, the Employees of the Corporate will not have access to them. The limitations as specified below should be adhered to and no change shall be made unless a prior agreement in writing has been entered into with TranServ.


Employees can receive vouchers up to only Rs. 50/- per meal and up to 2 meals per day for every working day i.e. Maximum of Rs. 100/- per day. The maximum limit per month shall be Rs 2,200/-.

Vouchers can be redeemed only for food and non-alcoholic beverages at Merchants. It is the Employee’s responsibility to ensure that he/she pays only for the above mentioned items through EMVs.

Redemption of EMVs can be made only on weekdays and non-public holidays and up to a maximum of Rs. 50 per meal only. It is the Employee’s responsibility to ensure that the voucher redemptions adhere to these restrictions.


Employees can receive a maximum of Rs. 1,250/- per month worth of MVs.

These MVs can be redeemed at medical establishments only for the purchase of medical related products or services as per income tax guidelines

The Corporate shall be responsible to collect itemized bills/ receipts from their Employees as a proof of usage of vouchers.

Cash Disbursement and Reimbursement

The corporate registration, activation and float maintenance process for this facility shall be the same as for the EMVs and MVs.

The cash Disbursement and Reimbursement do not have any expiry associated with them and will remain in the wallet till they are they are utilized by the Employee.

These will be available for general use online on Udio application and website and offline via Udio Card. The Employee will be responsible for any bills/receipts that the Corporate requires as proof of usage of this amount.

The amount loaded per Employee shall be restricted as per RBI’s guidelines of amount that can be maintained in a prepaid wallet as mentioned herein below:

Basic KYC user: Maximum of Rs. 10,000/- wallet balance at any time up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000/- loaded in a particular month

Full KYC user: Maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/- wallet balance at any time which can be reloaded as many times as required in a particular month,

The Corporate shall ensure that the above guidelines are adhered to at all times.

Breach And Termination/Withdrawal

In the event of any breach of the T&C by any Corporate:
notwithstanding any other provision of these T&C, the Corporate will remain liable for any loss, directly or indirectly, resulting from such a breach; and the Corporate shall be liable to pay to TranServ, upon demand, all amounts outstanding from the Corporate and/or its Employees to TranServ


The Corporate and/or TranServ may at any point of time request for termination of provision of the Services pursuant to the relevant provisions in the Agreement entered into with TranServ.

Notwithstanding the termination of Services, the Corporate shall continue to remain liable for all the charges incurred before and subsequent to the termination of the Services.

The Corporate shall indemnify TranServ and hold it harmless for any/all losses caused due to cancellation (wrongful or otherwise) of Services. No notification of employment termination by the Corporate or instruction to cancel Services by the Corporate shall be valid unless given in writing against acknowledgment.

On termination of the Services and notwithstanding any prior agreement between TranServ and the Corporate to the contrary: (A) the total of all the charges then outstanding, whether or not already reflected in the statement and, (B) the amount of any voluntary charges incurred after termination (with effect from the date of relevant transaction instruction), shall become forthwith due and payable by the Corporate as though they had been so reflected, and interest will accrue thereon from the date such charges have been incurred, as applicable from time to time.

TranServ, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to, either temporarily or permanently, withdraw the privileges on Udio and/or cancel Udio at any time without giving any notice or assigning any reason thereof.

In case of a temporary withdrawal, the privileges may be reinstated by TranServ at its sole discretion.

In case of a permanent withdrawal, TranServ has a right to refuse Udio to the Corporate and/or its Employees permanently.

However, it is made distinctly clear that withdrawal (temporary or permanent) shall constitute automatic withdrawal of all attendant benefits, privileges and services attached to Udio.

Acceptance of and change in T&Cs

The Employee shall be deemed to have absolutely and unconditionally agreed to and accepted the detailed Terms and Conditions by either of the following acts and such acceptance shall date back to the occurrence of any of the said acts/ events:

(i) by signing on the reverse of the Udio Card, or (ii) by performing a transaction with the Udio Card or Udio Wallet or (iii) after 10 days have elapsed since the Card was dispatched to the address on record of the Employee (iv) the Employee acquiring the possession of the Udio Card or registering with Udio Wallet (v) by accepting the terms and conditions at the time of registration with TranServ.

TranServ reserves the right to change, at anytime, these T&C, features and benefits offered including, without limitation to, changes which affect existing balances, interest charges or rates and methods of calculation. The Employee shall be liable for all charges incurred and all other obligations under these revised T&C. TranServ may communicate the amended T&C by hosting the same on its website, www.udioforyou.com, or in any other manner as decided by TranServ. The Corporate/Employee shall be responsible for regularly reviewing these T&C including amendments thereto as may be posted on the above website and shall be deemed to have accepted the amended T&C by continuing to use the Services. Any change in the T&C shall be communicated to the Corporate/Employee, in the manner as aforesaid, one month prior to the date of their implementation.

Governing Law

All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Courts in Mumbai only.